Sino si Palito?

Reynaldo Alfredo R. Hipolito was a veteran Filipino slapstick comedian and actor who was at the height of his career in the 1970s and 80s. He was well known for his unusually light build and thin anatomy, earning him the self-deprecating screen name “Palito”, which is Spanish for stick and is glossed in Filipino as matchstick or toothpick.

Palito’s career had a brief resurgence then later peaked in the 1980s. He starred in several comedy movies parodying American action films, such as Rambuto,a Rambo spoof, the title being a pun of the Tagalog word buto which means “bone”, again to capitalize on his being “thin-boned”, and a James Bond spoof, James Bone, where he plays an emaciated version of the secret agent. Other popular movies of his were No Blood, Kumander Kalansalay, Walang Matigas na Buto sa Gutom na Aso, and Rambo Tango.

He would also been known as a star in a lot of kitsch Pinoy horror films as a zombie/corpse. His sunken hollow eyes and reed-thin body, while not aesthetically pleasing in the popular sense, fit the corpse-like demeanor that local filmmakers love to utilize.


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