International Summit in Inclusive Education


For the first time ever, educators, legislators, service providers, support groups/associations, international organizations, disabled people organizations, international and local students and parents will gather together to set the cornerstone for building a thoughtful and proactive community for inclusive education here in the Philippines.

Who can join the conference?

This International Summit and Seminar is a one of a kind gathering of the different stakeholders to push for inclusion. This event gives an excellent development opportunity for everyone involved in the education and support of students with disabilities. Here, we value various, distinct groups coming together to learn and build capacity and collaboration.

1) A family member – Come learn ways to increase family and school collaboration, and find out what strategies your children’s teachers will or should be using in the classroom so you can support participation at home, in school, and in the community!

2) A general or special educator, or school professional – Participate and access innovative, research based educational strategies, relevant to a wide range of hot topics in education today, that will enhance learning for ALL your students. And, these practical strategies can be put into practice immediately in your classroom!

3) A School Administrator – Join us and learn how to lead your school and staff so that they can support all students to achieve. Learn strategies and programs to share with your staff as well as information on parent involvement, effective collaboration, and updates on the law.

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